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The repel of net neutrality was just a money grab by corporate America

President Trump appointed Ajit Pai to head the FCC. One of his first orders was to repel net neutrality.

Wiki defines Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet equally, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication

What this means is that your provider can not charge you based on what you want to watch. It can not treat the internet cable TV. Imagine this conservation after moving to a new city.

ISP Provider: Thank you for calling XZY Cable can may I help you this evening?

Me: I just moved here, and I need to get your prices on high speed internet for my home.

ISP Provider: Well thank you for calling sir, I can help you this evening.

ISP Provider: We offer the industry leading upload and download speeds. As well as a very broad range of included services like Netflix with no speed throttling.

Me: That is great, I watch a lot of Netflix. My wife likes You Tube.

ISP Provider: You Tube is an added service, it is one of the few major services that we do not include.


ISP Provider: We offer You Tube as an add on service that will remove the speed throttling for only $25/month.

Me: Why do I have to pay for You Tube?

ISP Provider: Since net neutrality was repelled we are now aloud to throttle speeds for different services. While we do have a lot of the services included we do not have You Tube under our umbrella of content providers.

Me: When I called ABC Telcom, they didn’t say anything about You Tube costing more.

ISP Provider: That is because they have an agreement with You Tube so their customer’s do not have to pay for that service. But we offer a lot more of the major services such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram, and Hulu among the hundreds of others. Your speed will not be throttled for any of the included services.

Me: Well I must have You Tube, what other services am I going to have to pay to get un-throttled?

ISP Provider: Well we have ….

California Passes Toughest Net Neutrality Laws

The repel of net neutrality did nothing to help the consumer and everything to help line the pockets of corporate America and their shareholders. I understand capitalist America, but at what cost?

Imagine if you hand to choose your provider on what they offer rather than the service that they provide.

How good is the customer service when the business knows that you can’t do anything about it but whine?

The state of California went a long way to put back a lot of the rules and regulations that were removed by (insert name) when they passed recent legislation.

CNN and New York Times the are saying that the legislation is the toughest in the United States. I sure do hope so. Since ISP’s are unable to determine for sure where a request originate they will be forced to abide by the toughest laws. Right now, the state of California has that honor. The next move is for the ISP’s to go to the federal government and have them declare that the states have over reached their authority and that this falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communication Commission. Yep, headed by the former employee of Verizon a corporation that stands to make a lot of money with the repel of net neutrality.

So, when Trump repelled net neutrality who was our President really looking after? Internet speed for content should remain free and neutral. Small start ups stand to face high price entry points if they want to compete with their competitors. Major corporations like Netflix will be able to afford to pay the ransom to keep their content from being throttled but that small start up in the plains of Kansas may not be able to afford the price to un-throttle their content. E-Commerce will be the same, Amazon will be able to pay, but that new tech company in Austin probably can’t afford to pay. This leads to no new services or innovations and protects the big players – but the big players don’t want that advantage. Major tech players such as Google, Facebook and Amazon have all pushed against the repel of net neutrality.

Follow the money

At some point in any investigative crime show the phrase – “follow the money” – is used. This is also true when you look at who stands to make the most with the repel of net neutrality. The biggest winners are the internet service providers. They will be able to get paid by both sides. ISP’s can charge the content providers to keep from throttling the content. High demand bandwidth services such as Netflix and Hulu can be forced to pay an ISP (Comcast, Cox, Verizon, AT&T) to keep them from slowing down the speed of their content being served to the ISP’s customers. The ISP’s are also allowed to charge the end user (you and I) a fee to keep from throttling preferred content such as Netflix and Hulu. So, corporations and their shareholders such as Verizon, Comcast, Cox, AT&T, T-Mobile and their competitors stand to make the most money.

If ISP’s can throttle services what incentive moving forward will they have to continually improve their services? ISP’s want to control the flow of data with a business model like that of the cable industry. Why would our leaders in Washington D.C. think that the American public would want the internet handed over to the cable companies? Most of us already tire of having to deal with them just to get access to the internet. Now the leaders of our government have given the power to the ISP’s to decide what it will cost to have services like Netflix at full speed if they even tell you. Let us not forget that you also must pay Netflix just for their service.

The flow of information should not be throttled, that net neutrality has not become a Freedom of Speech issue continues to baffle me.

The flow of information is like the flow of water. The government has given the power to control the flow of data to the ISP corporations. Ask the state of California what happens when you give a public commodity such as water to be managed by corporation and who really profited off that mistake. Smart people learn from their mistakes, intelligent people also learn from the mistakes of others.

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