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The blogging tool you probably already own

When I decided to revamp, I turned to one of the leaders in content management systems – WordPress. Besides claims of running over 25% of all websites, the price was perfect – free! This was not my first dabbling in WordPress, I have been using WordPress for over a decade for various projects and ventures. It really is one of the premier content management systems, but one of my biggest issues has always been the editor. It was painful, slow and required a connection. It was a major roadblock in my usage. In my opinion the built in WordPress editor has never been user friendly.

In the past I had trudged through the editor, by adding the TinyMCE Advanced editor and doing whatever was needed. This comprised mostly of creating or updating static pages – nothing major. Now as I have started to use WordPress for what it was originally designed, I am again reminded that I do not like the editor. Since I am somewhat of a computer geek, I went looking for a desktop application to fill the need, I was seriously considering using Open Live Writer – the open source version of Microsoft’s Window’s Live Writer (no longer is being updated). My only hesitation was that it too looked dead – the last news post was announcing latest release in May of 2017.

As I continued researching I stumbled on this page – Top Offline Blog Editors and their last choice was Microsoft Word. Since I have the Office Suite installed, I decided to give it a try. Setup was simple a few quick questions by the wizard and I was connected. This is the first post that I am attempting from Word. I have included an image in the post.

If this works as I hope, then this will be a game changer. I spend a lot of time in Word and I am comfortable moving around in the application. I can spend more time on writing and less time on things such as adding a link. Now I can use a very familiar tool to work in a different environment.



Ease of setup Pictures are uploaded every time – multiple copies of the same image
Ease of use Cannot set feature image, sharing details, publish date, etc.
Ability to use offline


I suggest using it to publish a draft and then using the built-in editor to make final changes and publish. I found that you could not control a lot of the details of the post, such as featured image, sharing details, or seo specific information. I also found that I was able to produce a draft is far less time than it would have taken me using the built web-based editor. It was very nice to use a tab key and it indent and not jump to the next field.

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