No Need For a New Head Coach

Texas Longhorn football is the shining example of why you do not fire a head coach that wins.  Charlie Strong will most likely be fired as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns in the coming days.  This is expected as his teams have consistently under performed for his tenure.  Prior to Charlie Strong, Mack Brown in 16 seasons had one losing season. He was responsible for nine double-digit win seasons, two trips to the BCS Championship and one National title.  His major fault playing Bob Stoops and the University of Oklahoma every year.  While he had no choice in the matter a loss to OU was cause for concern.

Often fans of successful sports powerhouses, both professional and collegiate,  believe they are entitled to the championship every year.  Anything less is a failure.  The truth is –

Teams should strive to consistently be in a position to compete for a championship.

Championships are hard to win.

I mention this as the University of Oklahoma will square off against Oklahoma State with the Big XII championship on the line.  No doubt, after the loss the losing team’s fan base will speculate on a new head coach.  While a new head coach could be the answer.  You also risk taking a major step backwards.  Do either fan bases remember Bob Simmons or John Blake?

So enjoy the game. Root for your team, but do not say “We need to replace __________”.  Both programs are in pretty good shape and are poised to be contenders for the foreseeable future baring any major changes.

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