Clinton did not win the popular vote.

Despite what you have seen on social media or any of the new outlets Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote.  Neither did Donald Trump.  The popular vote was won by “Other”.  America is busy in a debate about the popular vote, but the truth is that America wanted neither of the front-runners.

First let’s look at the numbers.



As of Nov 14, 2016, 12:43 PM CST

Clinton has received 61,039,676 votes.
Trump has received 60,371,193 votes.
The difference 61,039,676 – 60,371,193  =  668,483 more for Clinton.  Those results suggest Clinton won the popular vote.

Those results only account for two of options for the Presidency.  There were also third-party candidates on many of the state ballots.  Votes cast for those are not counted towards either of the two primary candidates.  Neither are those that abstained from voting for any candidate.  Furthermore, those that registered and did not vote should still be counted towards voting statistics.  Especially in this turbid election, where not voting could be construed as a protest or a vote of NO CONFIDENCE for either candidate.

How Clinton and Trump both lost the popular vote

According to an article published by Politico there are

200,081,377 registered voters

So math is our friend.

Clinton’s actual percentage of the registered voters – (61,039,676 / 200,081,377) * 100 = 30.50%

Trumps actual percentage of the registered voters – (60,371,193 /  200,081,377 ) * 100 = 30.17%

Number of votes for “Others” = 200,081,377 – (61,039,676 + 60,371,193) = 78,670,508

“Others” actual percentage of the registered voters – ( 78,670,508  / 200,081,377 )/ * 100 =  39.31%


As you can see, when you factor in all the potential votes of registered voters, “Other” wins by almost 18 million votes.  18 million votes is a lot more than Clinton’s current lead of approximately 700,000 votes over President-elect Trump.  Both the Democratic and the Republican parties should take heed and make the necessary changes moving forward.  America has spoken and status quo is no longer status quo.

To recap:  By the numbers, the popular vote accounting for 40% of the registered voters responses  and a whopping 18 million vote lead is “other”.

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